Sefer Hamitzvos Learning Center



This website is a project of Chitas for Kids. The goal is to bring together the many resources out there to make learning the daily Sefer Hamitzvos easy and accessible!

Do you have any ideas of something we're missing, or an idea that would make it easier for you to learn Sefer Hamitzvos?

You can email us at or WhatsApp 413-376-8770.


This website was hand coded in PHP and MySQL.

Content produced by others (videos by Mendel D, audio by Feivish Finkel, linked book by Malka Touger, shiurim by Rabbis Kaplan and Bell) are not affiliated with Chitas for Kids and are shared here to make it easier to find a way you enjoy learning.

Coloring features are based on a script found on Github by Joseph Love.

Word find is based on a script found on Github by BunKat (MIT license).